» » Wifes spanked and humilated

Wifes spanked and humilated

Saturday, January 10, Kitchen Spanking I think my husband has given up his attempts at silence when I blister his bottom as you will definitely hear this time. I had a lot of reasons to spank him since he was on a business trip for his Wednesday spanking, he was due for his Saturday maintenance spanking, and he didn't get the dishes done as he knew he was supposed to for the third night in a row ever since he got back. So I sent him to get the stick, the bathbrush, and the belt while I put a chair in the kitchen and set up the camera. Since I only have about two minutes when I beat him on camera, I made sure it counted and that he knew exactly what he was to do in order to not get it worse off camera. I told him it was 20 strokes of each unless he didn't obey my instructions, in which case he'd get 30 more as a separate spanking afterwards. When I was finished using the belt, I had him do the dishes by hand instead of loading the dishwasher, and I took a picture of him standing at the sink with his behind good and red.


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She has managed to put me under her complete control. I must do exactly as she commands at all times, or face punishment. She is in general a stern though loving mistress. She ensures that I behave properly, but rewards good behavior, and has my best interests at heart as long as I behave and serve her well. On the whole, my servitude has overcome my natural inclinations to laziness, procrastination, unhealthful diet, improper lusts and lack of exercise.

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How embarrassing can cornertime be? Posted on January 5th, He knows from past experience with this particular student that she actually deals with the pain of a spanking fairly well. Last time she was punished, he did notice that one of the most difficult parts for her was having to bare her bottom. She might have a high pain tolerance, but she is horribly embarrassed showing any amount of nudity…perfect. On her next trip to his office, he used her modesty as a learning tool.
Femdom Fiction My Stories Let me start by plugging my own writing. I have three femdom stories available on a couple of different sites. Toilet play, incest, torture and heavy humiliation all feature prominently. Not to mention illegal, dangerous, non-consensual, etc.
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